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At Derrell Chastain Tax Service EA, we provide our customers with a full array of professional tax services. You satisfaction is our primary goal, and that is why we are here year around providing tax services that address all your tax concerns.

We will minimize the stress associated with having your Federal, State and local taxes filed. We will accurately and efficiently prepare and review form 1040 and all associated schedules to ensure you receive all the appropriate deductions and maximize your return. If you have additional income or residency outside of Texas, we can still prepare your taxes. We are also careful to distinguish income from other sources of money you have received, such as capital gains on stocks, retirement payouts, and inheritances.

Many people have concerns about a previous year’s taxes that were never filed. We can help you get those years filed, as well. We believe that once you see how easy we make filing your taxes, that you won’t have problems with getting your taxes filed in the future.

We are not here just during tax season. Derrell Chastain Tax Service EA in Benbrook, TX is a professional tax firm that provides tax services all year around. We frequently perform tax reviews during the year to meet our customers’ needs, particularly if they need to make quarterly estimated tax payments, are planning a large purchase, or if they anticipate a significant change in income. We are here year around to help you in these situations.

We also provide tax planning services year around. This will help you with important financial decisions, such as deciding whether to take an early retirement or the tax ramifications of making or receiving a large monetary gift. We can also recommend actions you may want to take during the year to minimize your tax burden.

Everyone dreads receiving a notice from the IRS that they are being audited. If you receive such a notice, call us, and we will help you through every step of the process. Helping a client successfully resolve an IRS audit situation is very rewarding for us. When this happens, we know we have done the job right and we have a satisfied client—our number one priority.

Derrell Chastain Tax Service EA will also be there for you if you just need a copy of a previous year’s tax return. We will even help you get one from the IRS if you were not a client during the year at issue. Few other tax firms in Benbrook, TX will go as far as we do to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Use our full range of tax services to make sure you minimize the amount of taxes you pay. Call us today!

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